About Modern Arnis London 

The founder of Modern Arnis, was the world renowned and well respected, late Professor Remy Amador Presas. He devoted many years of his life travelling the Philippines in order to improve his skills. He revolutionised the traditional Filipino martial arts, to create safer ways to practice, which resulted in a very effective self-defence system for modern times, hence he named his style Modern Arnis. As a result, he revived the interest in the native martial arts and spread Modern Arnis throughout the Philippines and then to the rest of the world.


Modern Arnis, is usually performed with sticks and all stick movements can be converted to empty hand techniques for defence and include the application of pressure points and their effects. The long staff, called sibat, and other weapons are also part of Modern Arnis training at more advanced levels.


“Go with the flow” is one of the mottos in Modern Arnis. The idea is mainly based on counter for counter techniques and the importance of going with the flow while staying alert and flexible enough to react effectively to an attack. In other words, there is always a solution and no reason to give up, which can be ultimately applied to every-day life situations.


Professor Presas appointed seven successors of which only four are still active. He honoured them with the title 'Master of Tapi Tapi' which stands for achieving the highest proficiency and knowledge in the art of Modern Arnis.