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 About Our Dojo 

Modern Arnis London teaches all students from the age of 5. We offer children’s classes, female only and mixed adult classes. Sparring is open for all higher belt students.

Modern Arnis, is usually performed with sticks and all stick movements can be converted to empty hand techniques for self defence and include the application of pressure points and their effects. Both is taught in our dojo, defence with sticks but also empty hand defences, hand techniques, locks, throws and kicks. The long staff, called sibat, and other weapons are also part of Modern Arnis training at more advanced levels.


Everybody is welcome in our dojos. We all train together, all students get encouraged and have the opportunity to learn in their own way and speed. We not only teach all students Modern Arnis, with children we work age appropriate on fitness, motoric skills, agility, coordination and also on social skills. Respect and etiquette are our values.

New students are always welcome. Just get in contact and arrange a free taster session. You can find all classes here.

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