Have you been in a situation where you felt insecure or you were bullied but did not know how to react assertively? Do you want to know how to defend yourself physically?


Then a self-defence class could help you.


Self-defence is more than just 'hitting back'. Self-defence is a composition of posture, assertiveness, verbal defence, appearance, de-escalation of the danger and if necessary, physical defence. A self-confident appearance and wellbeing often prevent attacks and threats. Dayang Uli has designed her classes to reflect this and train you to be more assertive and teach you the techniques you need to defend yourself.


Dayang Uli focuses on all aspects of self-defence in her classes. She offers each group-specific tactic and her experiences as a social worker help her to support every individual based on their strengths rather than focus on the weaknesses. She has taught self-defence classes at schools, mental health and women organisations.


For more information about Modern Arnis and self-defence classes, please contact Dayang Uli Gerstenberg

 Self Defence 

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