Modern Arnis is great my girls Dua and Duria joined and they love it; the instructor is fantastic great with all the kids and everybody; she would go the extra mile to train kids. I would recomend it to everybody: Go and have a look for yourself.


Manor Park, London

I had no idea what Modern Arnis was until I started taking part last year -  now, not only have I learned how to attack and defend with a cane, I am also learning how to kick, punch, counterattack, lock and much more.  I feel stronger and more confident. I also like the fact that brotherhood and respect for each other is intertwined in the Modern Arnis experience - something I think we all should focus on a little bit more in this day and age. 



I really enjoy the Modern Arnis classes. I get to meet with other children and make new friends.
My teacher is very nice. She explains things clearly and helps us learn different styles of the self defense. I am so happy to get a yellow belt.

Khadija Patel

Manor Park, London

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